Data Storage Vault

Data Storage Vault for Remote and Offline Data Storage

We are pleased to offer extensive data storage and remote backup solutions from our vaulted data centre. Our facility is housed in an ex-bank vault with 15in thick steel lined walls and a 2 tonne steel door and is ideal for anyone looking for remote backup or failover solutions outside of London. We offer full range of backup services from encrypted SSL secured FTP accounts to fully automated remote backup solutions which can capture an entire operating system and store daily snapshots that can go back as far as you like. We also offer completely offline solutions where we store encrypted backups in a physical safe completely offline which is ideal for ransomware mitigation.

The only foolproof way to mitigate ransomware is with a completely offline remote backup

Remote Data Backup

Completely automated backup solutions hosted in our converted bank vault

Offline Data Backup

Completely offline backups generated by our online data vault and then encrypted and stored in a secure safe

Data Storage Vault

Capacity for massive storage arrays for remote or off-site hosting, disaster recovery, and failover

Our data storage prices start as low as £10+vat per month.

Our comprehensive backup services provide peace of mind in an ever changing technical world

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Thank you for visiting, we offer bespoke managed backup solutions and specialise in automated offsite backup and disaster recovery so get in touch if you can't see exactly what you need.

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